Why aren’t we all dancing?

It’s a quiet spring. Just the noise of birds as they practice ring tones and tell each other to back off or die.

On Thursdays we get noisy, when we clap and wonder why we don’t know all our neighbours and whether we should dance or sing at each other like the Italians.

But it is early days and we have a few things to sort out. The happy Italians on Facebook glossed over getting food, parents in care homes, children climbing the walls, people dying by the thousands. We’ll sort that all out and there will be choreographed doorway flamenco or line dancing by June for sure.

The government have announced that Boris Johnson will survive a nasty bout of Coronavirus because he is a ‘fighter’. Strange that they have not followed this theory through and issued government guidelines on surviving infection. A few lines on ‘how to be a fighter’ would, presumably, have saved thousands of lives. Hopefully some bright spark will come up with online ‘get yourself in fighter mode’ any day now.

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