Weeds are easy to grow. All you need is a square inch of earth, or a crack in a stone. Look away and the weed will turn up, especially Dandelions. The problem is whether you see them or not.

Weeds on the path

You notice them on days when you think like this: I haven’t done yoga today, or any other days. What happened to ’30 minutes a day all through lockdown’? There’s no compost anywhere. I should have been making compost for the last five years instead of messing about. Now I haven’t got any compost. Is the cat too thin? Is the other cat too fat? Is the fat one controlling the thin one? Is coercive control between cats a thing? In January somebody said you should note one good thing a day, put the notes in a jar, and read them for fun at Christmas. It’s the middle of June I need to fix up that jar, or Christmas will be crap. But I have to do yoga, write notes, make compost and learn cat psychology. Why are there weeds all over the path again?

They become invisible when you are diverted by things like this: Reading in sunshine, walking with a friend, great blood test results, outdoor fires, full moons, watching clouds, or cats chasing flies and finding a bag of compost you forgot about.

Dandelions are a symbol of good luck and bees love them. Life is up and down. On down days the path gets it.

On up days the dandelions win. Luck is invoked and the chickens get to pose in photographs like this.

Chickens in dandelions

Meanwhile, outside the garden a 22 year old footballer has persuaded our government to acknowledge that children need food, there is a new statue in Bristol commemorating Saint George’s Turkish origins and a few people are busy protecting statues of people like George Eliot for horribly confused reasons.

In Sweden they should be celebrating Midsummer today.  They celebrate with flowers all over a shape that looks like this.

Swedish Midsummer

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  1. Young dandelions can be picked and eaten…. once they flower, they can be bitter…. perhaps the hens don’t mind?

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