Valerian. A Symbol of Strength

The name comes from the Latin word valere, meaning ’to be strong’. Valerian likes burrowing into crumbly walls and splitting them apart. So I follow it around, pulling it up, and it follows me around, growing back again, faster than I can move.


Herbalists use valerian for insomnia. Hitler was addicted to it apparently. Now I know that, I always think of Hitler when I see this plant. Watching the news these days also makes me think of Hitler. It doesn’t feel like a complete accident that so many people died of this virus, especially in care homes.

Being Purple, the colour that is synonymous with the fight against oppression, it is the right plant for this week. I don’t do fighting against oppression in crowds, for fear of bumping into a giant cloud of viruses and undoing 12 weeks of seeing nobody. But I have done: going to the beach, gardening, painting stones and going for a walk. All against oppression.

The beach gave me stones, the gardening gave me purple flowers and the painting gave the chickens something to read. Maybe they will learn something now.

Chickens learning

Meanwhile, outside the garden, there are little painted stones and purple flowers in appropriate places all over our village.

And here’s a rose.

3 thoughts on “Valerian. A Symbol of Strength”

  1. Lovely words, pebbles and chickens. I’ve just looked up a youtube tutorial on what paints to use etc to give it ago.

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