There is talk of ‘getting used to this’ and ‘acceptance’. There is watching the news by mistake. This can be followed by wandering out to stare at chickens pecking your feet and recover the bit of ‘acceptance’ that just slithered away.

Terry Waite helpfully points out that we are not ‘Stuck at home’, but ‘Safe at home’. Mark Steele compares the virus to an angry Lion on the streets and suggests we don’t try to brave this one out. Anyone with anxiety, which is most of us, starts wondering if Lions are good at breaking into houses.

Deciding to ‘get things done today’ happens. By 3pm you may have managed to re-pot one courgette plant. The only one you managed to grow on the day you decided to ‘plant a load of veg seeds’.

And we can look around for the good things. The entertainment platform is levelling, new people are special. Madonna did something in her bathroom, but a martial arts teacher called took to bounding through the streets in his Spiderman suit. Watching out for Spiderman patrolling past your window is more fun than Madonna in the bath.

Watching reality TV from the olden days is calming. BBC1’s The Station is an easy one. Last week the good staff, of whatever station it was, had to deal with train delays and angry passengers. Oh the joy of watching an aggressive man shouting at the polite conductor and thinking, ‘just you wait mate, three months from now, a late train is going to be the least of your problems’.

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