Save the bee

If you find a bee lying on the carpet, lost and alone, this is your chance to do a Good Thing.

Check the bee for signs of life.

Check your list of things to do today and put it back by a couple of hours.

Carry bee to recovery area.

Offer sugary water syrup.

Tip. If you accidentally pour this over the bee, the wings will glue up and the bee will roll around dying. Wash it off somehow.

Spend an hour watching the bee recover. Do NOT look away or you will miss the satisfying moment when the wings work and the bee flies off.

Feel virtuous in this World Earth Day week and rightly so. The average bee hive contains up to 60,000 bees and you just saved one of them.

Choosing between water and syrup

Extra tip. If you find a more lively bee, dancing around the house, carry it to a safe outdoor space before releasing.

Do NOT simply tip it out of the window. Nature may be laying in wait.

Spiders move faster than the time it takes to run outside with a fork, or whatever you had in your hand that might have got that bee out of a sticky situation.

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