May Jobs in the Garden

The new variant is settling in quickly. Our government seems more surprised about this than our scientists do. The rest of us talk about nonsense travel rules and worldwide vaccine distribution. Then we wonder if the UK road map to reopening might end up looking like this footpath.

The footpath disappeared because the weather looks like this.

Rain Forecast

So we huddle indoors, watch too much news and talk about what we would do if we were in power. It is a shame I forgot to become prime minister.

When the rain stops, it is easier to stop obsessing, go to the garden and think about that instead. 

Jobs to do to Take Your Mind off Things.

All that work in March is paying off.  Pots are groaning with a thousand lettuce, leeks, tomatoes, whatever you thought you needed to be self-sufficient in.


It is worth sorting them out.

Seedlings eaten by slugs

If you don’t, the slugs will do it for you.

Decide about the Catnip

I bought dried catnip. The cat was interested, but I expected it to go crazy in a hilarious way, so I grew some. It grew too fast, the cat ate a whole plant and things got out of hand. One person has been scratched, and nobody is sure if it was funny after all.

Sleeping cat

‘Is it Cruel to give Catnip to Cats’ comes up fairly high on Google. The cat says it is fine.


30 years ago somebody made an asparagus bed and it’s still here. If you weed it all year round you get a good four spears a day for nearly two weeks.

Asparagus in weeds

If I paid myself £10 an hour to weed the asparagus, and then bought it off myself, it would be more expensive than the asparagus from Chile.


These must be planted now.  If you don’t plant them now you will have no homegrown pumpkins for Halloween and then the evil spirits will get in and all hell will break loose over winter.  All hell might break loose over winter anyway, but it is best to be on the safe side.

Pumpkin Plants

Take up the challenge of No Mow May

Gardeners are encouraged to leave lawns alone in May to allow everything to flourish and feed the wildlife. This lawn is full of buttercups, dandelions, daisies and all sorts of grasses. Starlings come to graze in the mornings, swallows swoop down for gnats at dusk, and the chickens chase butterflies all day.

No Mow May
No Mow May

It is amazing what comes up if you leave it all alone.

Think ahead to the Walnut Harvest

It is fine to count walnuts before they are hatched.  This tree is 17 years old and it looks like we might get 7 this year.

Baby Walnuts

When gardening comes down to counting walnuts, it could be a sign that it is time to get out and about.

Wild Swimming

The river near us is swollen with rain and just about deep enough but not quite the right shade of crystal clear.

Brown river
Captured in a rare flash of sunlight

Wim Hof is right, cold swims work wonders, but maybe not in liquid mud. Time to scuttle home before it rains again.

Chicken at the door

There is always more to do, like telling chickens they can’t move in, even if it is wet out there.

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  1. are you selling catnip? I think I could use some…… thank you for another great post – made me laugh out loud and think about things

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