How to make a Christmas Crib

The Ancestors were keen on Cribs. A special birth was re-created in a new setting every Christmas, and the decoration box here is littered with scratched and dented remnants of those scenes. It was kind of them to leave us with all this stuff.

It is easy to make a crib if you have a few basic things, feel free to improvise and add in your favourite items.

Cow in a Crib

There has to be some kind of farm animal. Luckily we took up felting this year so we have a cow.

Octopus in a Crib

The felting was fun, I made this excellent Octopus. It is fine to add creatures of your choice. The Octopus is the keeper of the star. The star was a present from a friend who gave it to me for luck when I got sick a few years ago.

Three Kings in a crib

You must have royalty. Preferably three of them. If you only have two, add in three of something else.

Santas in a crib

Ideally, include a village scene and Father Christmas. If you have too many Santas make them wait round the back until it is time to come out.

God hovering over the crib

Pop in something about God hovering over the village.

Women looking after a Crib

And women to watch over things, because they are best for that kind of job.

Jesus in the crib

The actual crib must have a manger and something needs to sleep in that manger.

Christmas Crib

When everything is in place you can sit back and enjoy.

Happy Christmas

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  1. Och how delightful Jo! I must say that of all of it I love the Dalek in the manger! (Though obviously I adore the winged dog and puppy! xxx

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