Get the photos sorted

In the nineteenth century, ancestors acquired cameras and started squirrelling piles of photos.

Then, having built up an assortment of albums, ALL IN DIFFERENT SIZES AND SOME WITH ONLY TWO PHOTOS STUCK IN THERE, they all died. The unwritten golden rule for the albums is that they Must Be Kept in The Family.

So families kept making albums for a century or two. Then they all went out and bought mobile phones so this nonsense came to a halt.

Different nonsense began on hard drives, but that’s not the point.

If you are lucky enough to have known somebody who was 90, the albums will be lurking, neglected and accusing.

What to do?

  • Wait until you have time to Sort it all Out.
  • Plan a system for indexing, framing, uploading to a catalogued online album for other family members to access.
  • Spread everything out on the floor, realise that photo labels do not extend beyond helpful notes like ‘Keith’ or ‘1896’.
  • Notice things.
They had no NHS. Babies did not get their own cots
Weddings don’t change that much
That’s done then. Photos all sorted and back in the cupboard.

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