Elderflower Cordial

Elderflower bushes grow fast and take a lot of chopping down. Now the flowers have arrived and it is time to think about making elderflower cordial.

The recipe is simple.

  • Pick a tub of elderflowers
  • Mix with water, sugar and lemons somehow
  • Get it into bottles and drink it before it goes rotten

Or, wait and see if somebody else makes some and brings it round.

News reports say that we are all drinking 30% more alcohol these days. So, to keep up with that, it would make more sense to brew elderflower wine. My gran made gallons of it every year and it was OK. It could be worth a try. If it is disgusting, it can always be distilled to make hand sanitiser.

But admiring an elderflower bush against blue sky is one thing. Spending several days building an illegal home made distillery is another. I will stick to admiring the flowers and add elderflower cordial to the next click and collect.

My gran had her first baby just after the Spanish flu 100 years ago. If I was her I would have gone on about that for years, but she never mentioned it. She just made huge amounts of wine, spent a lot of time in her garden and wrote plays.

Survivor of the Spanish flu
She looked like this

Meanwhile, outside the garden. Boris and Cummings are squirming and lying about trips to Durham. The clip of Cummings running away from Downing street is played a lot. So is the clip of Jacinda Ardern doing an earthquake on live TV without batting an eyelid.

No chicken was mentioned in the making of this post

3 thoughts on “Elderflower Cordial”

  1. Dear Jo Mike Rowan put me onto this (this being you and your blog) , it is utterly & entirely joyous. I tried to make elderflower fizz for the 1st time ever this year I misread the instructions & instead of leaving sugar elderflowers water & vinegar in a bucket overnight then bottling for 2 weeks, I left it all in a bucket for 2 weeks. I’ll try again next year (no chickens were involved in the process)

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