Chicken and Sage

The shabby old sage is flowering and splendid. It is the last remnant of a herb garden, planted long ago in a fit of enthusiasm. It is one thing to plant a herb garden and a whole other thing to remember where you planted it, let alone weeding, watering and knowing what to do with the herbs that survive. That is the trouble with new projects.

Sage in flower

Sage means wisdom. With new projects you need: ‘the serenity to accept the ones you can’t do, the courage to take on the ones you can do, and the wisdom to know the difference’. New projects, without wisdom, look like this.

  • Touch up the paint on a white house, without checking the paint colour. Result, white house with cream patches.
  • Grow onions because it is nice burying baby onions, but boring watering them. Result. Onions will be exactly the same size in 6 months.
  • Sellitonebay, loose interest and don’t post item to buyer. Result. Bad rating, no money.
  • Tidy up out of control fig tree, with a blunt saw and no tree surgeon training. Result. Some branches are impossible to reach and others left growing in the wrong direction.
Badly pruned fig tree

Back to the sage. It’s surrounded by a ground elder, which is a Bad Weed. Today’s pointless new project was to rip that all out. The weed won. There were too many roots and excited chickens trying to help. Chickens also need new projects, so I left them to it.

Here they are surveying the work area. Chickens and sage do go very well together.

Chicken and sage

Meanwhile outside the garden. American cities are in terrible turmoil, Conservative MP’s are drowning in emails from angry constituents and everybody is wondering what ‘back to normal’ might mean.

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