Berries and How to Make a Good Stew

Nice berries. No idea what name. They might symbolise hope, joy, terror, tennis or security. It all depends on Google.

Autumn Berries

Anyway I have not got time to look. It is busy here with work and going to the beach before the sun runs out.

There was time for a haircut.  The long golden tresses fell to the floor and something weird happened to them on the way down.  By the time they landed they were bits of mousey grey stuff.  This proves that mirrors lie but the floor doesn’t.

Felting with human hair
I quickly took up felting and made a chicken

The egg situation is bad. In rustic homespun times a chicken that stops laying is bound for the pot. We have given this some thought and here is a recipe.

Prep time 24 hours Cost £84

Ingredients 1 of the chickens. Onion, garlic, bay leaf, wine, carrots, stock, vegetables and so on.

Step 1. Select the chicken and take to vet for a morphine overdose. You might get the vet fee down from £75 so it is worth shopping around. Do NOT tick the box asking for cremation.

Step 2. Pluck and gut the body until it becomes a carcass and looks like something you got in a supermarket. It is OK to bury the feathers and plant a small bush on top.

Step 3. Marinate for 22 hours in the wine.  This allows the morphine to spread nicely throughout.

Step 4. Put in a pot with all the other ingredients and cook it.

Serve with fresh salad, mashed potatoes and slices of overgrown courgette. Enjoy.  

Chicken stew

5 thoughts on “Berries and How to Make a Good Stew”

  1. This made me laugh – your chickens have such good lives Jo-they know you’ll never eat them. I think the berry bush is pyracantha-I have a few of them with berries various shades of yellow/orange/red.

  2. Ha, chicken farming . Bee farming , you haven’t tried pigs, goats, or sheep yet. Can’t wait. I good laugh before I go to bed

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