A bee collecting lunch.

Read on to see more photos, taken when trying to photograph a bee eating lunch.

People keep bees for honey, pollination of mono culture crops and making themselves sound interesting at dinner parties.

If you keep bees for a hobby you will likely be pretty bad at it. So you go on a course and learn how to prepare a hive. The hive will be full of flat frames of wax.

The exciting times before the bees come.

The bees will arrive and set to work on these frames. They make their own wax, by gathering sap, or something like that.

Before long the frames will look like this. Every hexagon the same size and shape, ready for storing eggs, honey and pollen. You can start planning to sell honey and count how much money you are going to make.

They day will come when the amateur bee keeper has to open up the bee hive to make sure the bees are OK. Because of several mistakes, the bees will probably not be OK. But this is where the magic happens.

At the top of the hive, where gaps were left in the wrong place, the bees started filling the gaps with more and more wax. The bees know exactly what they are doing. The beekeeper is confused.

Beeswax is the best thing about bees. Before long, you will get bored with keeping bees. The bees will get bored with you and swarm away for pastures new. You will be left with shapes like this.

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