A Wall of Foxgloves

This wall is supposed to be covered with lovingly tended alpine plants.

Foxgloves on the wall

But they withered into the wall, maybe their roots will sprout when if it rains. The wall has now decided to send in this army of foxgloves. It’s a kind of permaculture thing. I almost did it on purpose by forgetting to water the plants.

When I was a child I thought that the flowers were the right shape for a fox paw. As a grown up I know they have medicinal qualities and cost £9.99 each in garden centres. Thank you wall, for delivering £150 worth of free plants.

These days are an interesting mix of zoom meetings and pretending to train chickens. Zoom meetings are great because, without the need to travel, so many people come and much information is shared. Yesterday I was in a room with circus owners talking about how else they could use their tents. I would never have met these people in the olden days.

Pretending to train chickens looks like this. Maybe the circus owners would like to know how I do it?

Chicken on a hoop
Balance a chicken on a hoop. You get one second to take a photo before it flies down.
Send the photo to your friends and tell them the chicken is fully trained in hooping.

Meanwhile outside the garden. Boris is begging us to ‘move on’ from Dominic in Durham and Twitter have deleted tweets from Trump.

Trump is not happy and Dominic doesn’t look to chirpy either.

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